Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economic Analysis


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ECTS credits: 240
: 40
Taught at
: Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering, ETSEIB (South Diagonal Campus) and UPF (Ciutadella Campus)
: English

The bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economic Analysis, which is taught entirely in English, aims to produce engineers whose cross-disciplinary training encompasses the fields of industrial engineering and economics and who are equipped to deal with the challenges of an ever-changing society. It is intended that graduates of the bachelor's degree take on leadership positions in companies and adopt a responsible attitude to the environment.

The degree involves and receives funding from Catalan companies though the FemCAT foundation and has its own grant programme and student recruitment system. It has an eminently practical and international vocation: students are encouraged to go on work placements and build up their CVs outside Catalonia.

It is an interuniversity bachelor's degree that is taught with the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of Pompeu Fabra University. Graduates gain direct admission to the master's degree in Industrial Engineering, which officially qualifies them for practice as industrial engineers in Spain.

Entrance requirements include knowledge of the English language and a personal interview and aptitude test.

Professional Opportunities

Graduates may be employed in industrial, service and consulting companies or in public administrations. The bachelor's degree will prepare you for a wide range of activities, such as the design and management of production and logistics; strategic planning and business organisation and management; the planning and management of technology and innovation; and the economics and management of regulated-sector companies and network services.

Graduates may continue to train by taking a master's degree in industrial engineering, so as to officially qualify for practice as an industrial engineer, or in economics.